Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL) foresaw the migration to an all optical
fiber network as early as 1983 when it first opened its doors.

Our dedication to the advancement of fiber optic technology and exceptional
service to the customer — then and now — has positioned Sumitomo Electric
Lightwave as a recognized leader in the innovation, design, development,
and manufacturing of advanced and integrated end-to-end solutions for data
center, enterprise, and communication network customers.

These technologically advanced solutions help our customers simplify
network complexity, while improving performance, cost savings, and network

By drawing on R&D, resources, and expertise both internally and from
Sumitomo Electric Industries—we provide a breadth of advanced optical fiber
solutions and options that give network managers the freedom and
flexibility in network design.


Seneca, an Arrow CompanyEvery one of our solutions begins with the goal of simplifying the way people interact with technology. Our engineering team can work directly with you to help you meet your technology development goals, and everything in our Seneca product line is imbued with what we learn from those engineering challenges. The result: some of the best purpose-built systems on the market. We build the most efficient and environmentally-designed large-format video players and video wall controllers in the industry, we have designed some of the most secure and reliable network video recorders and security management hardware available and we produce desktop and mobile computers for business at every scale.



Audio Video





Access Control System


Data Centers


Telecommunication Cabling





Altronix Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of low voltage electronic components. Altronix offers a comprehensive line of Security, Fire, CCTV, Access, Nurse Call, and Automation products. The security industry requires electronic components which can perform flawlessly under rigorous conditions, twenty-four hours a day. Incorporating cutting edge design and engineering, Altronix has secured an unprecedented reputation synonymous with quality, service and reliability. Most of our products carry a ‘Lifetime Warranty’ and are proudly ‘Manufactured in the U.S.A.’