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Belden designs, manufactures and sells a comprehensive portfolio of cable, connectivity and networking products for the transmission of signals for data, sound and video applications. Belden’s highly differentiated, high-performance products can be found in a variety of markets including industrial, enterprise, broadcast, transportation, energy and consumer electronics.

Belden’s reliable products, and its design, engineering and manufacturing excellence, enable it to create end-to-end signal transmission solutions that meet the most demanding standards for data, sound, and video applications. All Belden products are designed and manufactured to the strictest quality standards in the industry resulting in an incomparable reputation for worldwide reliability.



The Caddy Line provides fixing, fastening and support products for use in electrical installation, datacom, telecom, fire protection, seismic and HVAC applications. With product lines such as Caddy Speed Link, Caddy Pyramid, and Caddy All-In-One — there is a Caddy system for every application.

Cambridge Sound Management


Biamp’s lineup of industry-leading building infrastructure solutions features next-generation Cambridge sound masking technologies, which help reduce office noise distractions, ensure speech privacy, increase workplace comfort and boost staff productivity, as well as Vocia, the most reliable, flexible and scalable Voice Communication System available today.

CSM is a growth-oriented technology company focused on audio/acoustic comfort for commercial and institutional markets. Our team tirelessly works to create new and innovative products that are elegant and intelligently engineered.

CSM is a strong advocate for our customers and partners. We strive to continuously improve and refine our product lines to provide the highest quality solution for our clients. We meet our clients’ extraordinary challenges with passion and work to exceed their expectations. We act with integrity by treating our customers and partners with the utmost sincerity and respect.

We are committed to our employees and embrace diversity in individuals and their ideas. We recognize that the backbone of a profitable company lies within a knowledgeable and driven employee base. We invest in the personal and professional growth of each member of the team as a method of growing our company. We promote and reward collaboration, initiative, creativity and results.

CSM recognizes its role within the community. We continuously look for new ways to reduce waste, increase our sustainable practices and increase our local manufacturing partnerships.



When you make a substantial investment in your equipment, you need to know it’s protected. Hoffman products help you keep your systems running smoothly for the long term, backed by service and sales support around the world. Hoffman offers more than 12,000 standard products as well as tailored solutions with the lead times you need to keep your project on schedule. All of Hoffman solutions are developed, tested and certified to comply in many countries and applications. The Hoffman product catalog features the wide array of enclosures, accessories and thermal management products.



Our inspeXtor® platform provides two critical functions for enhanced building automation. First, inspeXtor® serves as a dedicated Light Management System, providing integrated system-wide programmable control functionality without the need of a separate control package. Second, inspeXtor® also serves as a monitoring and reporting manager, which enables the collection of powerful data often used to ensure energy efficiency, increase building management capability, and enhance security.

inspeXtor® can reside in a dedicated rack mounted server or as a program integrated with our clients’ Building Management System Network.

The inspeXtor® platform and technology provides ultimate customization with functionality such as fixture color tuning, security alerts when movement is detected in unauthorized areas or offices and, flexibility to update your lighting policies with the push of a button.

Integration with BMS Systems further improves functionality and control of your facility.

Iron Box


Iron Box started out of a bedroom in 2011 and in just 7 years has quickly grown to be the world’s leading supplier of power cords and one of the fastest growing companies in America. Over time we gained a ferocious desire to provide customer service on a level not seen from any other company. This helped us gain a tremendously loyal base of customers, which in turn has continued to drive us to be better and better.

JMA Wireless


JMA designs and builds next-generation communication systems, delivering the industry’s most powerful technologies enabling 4G LTE, 5G, CBRS and LAA on networks worldwide. JMA XRAN™ leads the industry with the only 100 percent software-based RAN platform, combined with TEKO™, NWAV, and RF distribution technologies. JMA’s millimeter wave IOTA platform provides a best in class radio footprint for indoor 5G deployments. CUSP provides Private Network and Edge-based solutions covering connectivity, content and neutral host cloud applications. JMA is primarily U.S.-based for manufacturing and R&D with a presence in more than 20 locations worldwide.



Established in 1952 as a manufacturer of wire and cable products, today Mohawk is an ISO 9001 manufacturer of copper, LAN, composite, fiber optic cables and special applications cable products. Mohawk supports an open architecture philosophy and offer an open solution to cabling.



Since 1999, Oberon, Inc. has been providing products and services to integrators and end users of wireless LAN “Wi-Fi” network products. Oberon’s wireless enclosures and antenna products are used where the RF coverage, infrastructure security, environmental robustness, and aesthetics are paramount in the network design and implementation. Oberon offers ceiling-mounted telecommunications enclosures for Ethernet switches, patch panels, wireless controllers, and other networking and A/V components – ideal for structured cabling and Fiber-to-the-Enclosure (FTTE) deployments.


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Softing IT Networks specializes in measurement equipment for testing, qualifying, certifying and documenting the performance of copper and fiber-optic IT cabling based on global technological standards.

Whether it is used for telecommunications, databases, mainframes, or plant engineering in the field of industrial automation, the professional measurement equipment from Softing IT Networks will help you optimize the performance of your data communication through faster, more secure connections over the entire lifecycle of your network.



The collective expertise within WBT has created an offering that no other single company can match. Whether you are an End User, Architect, IT Engineer or Contractor, the technical and installation merits of WBT’s solutions offer you unparalleled performance, coupled with savings in both labor and materials.

WBT’s Shaped Wire (patent pending) revolutionizes wire basket tray, offering substantially more cabling support and greatly reduced cable strain. WBT-U addresses the installation complexities of many underfloor solutions. No tools, no assembly, just a faster universal installation.

Made in America and with lead times that the competition cannot match, we understand the unique needs for all of our customers (distribution, specifiers, end users and contractor) and have products, programs and support to ensure what your needs are exceeded each and every time.

Zero Connect


Zero Connect is a custom cable assembly manufacturer. We stock a complete line of off-the-shelf fiber and copper products for voice, data, and video applications. Zero Connect manufactures and stocks products in both Albia, IA and Easley, SC. We ship stock orders same day and custom orders typically ship in 1-3 days. With years of experience in the contracting and manufacturing industry, our team understands the demands and requirements of our customers. All Zero products come with a lifetime warranty. Our customers have access to on staff industry experts who will help to ensure that our products meet your customer’s voice, data, and AV requirements. Our goal is to make securing Zero products effortless and cost effective to maximize your profits and allow you to focus on winning more business!

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